ePublishing Talk: Registration vs Subscription

Knowing the difference between registration and subscription will help you choose the best epublishing solution for securing your digital media.



Registration is a security feature which allows you to gather user information from a reader in exchange for access to digital publications. Once a reader lands on your publication they will need to fill out a form with demographical information of your choosing. Once this is completed the publication will ‘unlock’ allowing the reader access to all issues within your flipbook. The registration feature can be either compulsory or optional depending on your needs. Registered access does not expire and a reader will not be prompted to re-register as their browser will remember that they already have.


Subscription is a security feature that requires users to pay for access to digital publications before they can read it. Users can select to purchase a single issue or choose an upfront subscription for a particular length of time.

For example, if they purchase an annual subscription they will receive access to all issues published within this time period. Once a user’s subscription expires they will need to renew it before they can continue reading anything new. When a reader subscribes they will be given an account with a username and password which they will need to use to log in to the publication.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital publishing, start by getting the facts straight.