ePublishing Talk: Mobile Viewer vs. Mobile App


Most publishers who check their analytics will notice an increasing percentage of their readership are accessing the online publication on a mobile device. Knowing the difference between a mobile viewer and a mobile app will help you choose the best platform solution for your epublishing.

Mobile Viewer

The mobile viewer displays your HTML flipbook when opened on your smartphone’s browser window. Since it opens in a webpage, there are no specific programs or software required for viewing the publication beyond a browser. The publication can be viewed anytime, across any browser or device, unlike an epublishing app which needs to be downloaded to each device you want to read the publication on.

Mobile App

The mobile app is the version of your flipbook which can be searched for and downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Unlike the mobile viewer, the app is a stand-alone program so it doesn’t require any external resources to function, like a browser. An app is completely optimised to be used on mobile and tablet devices so the publication and user experience are not hindered by the limitations of a browser window.

Offline reading is a major benefit of having an app. Since it is downloaded and stored locally on a tablet or smartphone device, there is no need to be connected to wifi or data to read through the publication. Your app is featured on globally recognised and populated online stores, providing you the platform to easily open your content up to a vast market which may not have otherwise been reached. However, one of the unfortunately unavoidable downsides to an app is that both the iTunes and Google Play app stores keep your subscribers anonymous, so there is no way to gather personalised user information to add to your publication database or mailing list. Also, since you are using Apple and Google’s platform and software to distribute your app they will take a cut of any profits made for paid apps.

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