Why ePublishing a Flipbook App is Worth Your While

Whether you are tossing up between epublishing your flipbook online or as an app, or have an existing online flipbook and are considering the benefits of adding an app, here are a few points outlining the benefits of creating an app for your publication which you may find of interest.



  1. Broader reach. An app is a great way of sharing your content on globally recognized and populated online stores, opening your content up to a vast market which may not have otherwise been reached.
  2. Mobility. Since your publication’s issues can be downloaded and stored locally on a tablet or smartphone device, readers are able to access this content offline at any time. Unlike an online flipbook, the reader will need to download an issue only once and it will remain on their device until deleted. This is great for readers who are on the go!
  3. Offline access. Your readers will not need to navigate to the publication via their browser each time they want to read it, instead it is simply accessible via a tap on their device’s home screen. Each time a reader is on their device they will see your app’s icon, meaning it won’t be easily forgotten. Also, since most of us are glued to our devices throughout the day, the app’s push notifications (letting the reader know when a new issue is available) are a great way of preventing your publishing updates from being overlooked.
  4. Responsiveness. Most publishers who check their analytics will notice an increasing percentage of their readership are accessing the digital publication on a mobile device. Unlike an online flipbook, an app is completely optimized to be used on mobile and tablet devices so the publication and user experience are not hindered by the limitations of a browser window. 

 While there are numerous benefits of creating a flipbook app for your publication you should also keep in mind your target demographic, their reading habits, and publish to platforms that meet their needs.

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