How To Drive New, Interested Readers To Your Digital Publication

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There are so many factors to consider when publishing digitally in terms of how to attract new interested readers to your publication.

The main issue to look at of course is what kind of ROI can you plan for with your new digital version. The answer can depend on a plethora of factors, depending on what kind of publication you publish.

Whether you have a subscription-based publication or one that is free from your website, there are three key questions to answer to help you create a map to lead you to your desired ROI.

1. What greater purpose do you want your digital publication serve for your business?

Before making the choice to publish digitally, understanding this is of utmost importance in terms of whom you choose as your digital publisher and how to position your publication online. With so many options to choose from, answering this question first gives you a starting point to create a map for how to distribute your digital publication online.

2. Where does your ideal reader spend the most time online?

Whether you have a digital publication that is free to download from your website, or you have an app with the intention of expanding your subscriber base with brand new readers, understanding where your ideal reader spends the most time online gives you specific insight as to where to announce your presence.

For example, if your publication is about fly-fishing and you know that your potential readers spend time on three fly-fishing chat rooms, in particular, these chat rooms can serve as the base of your social media marketing map. Letting the groups on these chat rooms know about your publication and expanding your social media outreach from there can help grow your online presence faster than you can imagine.

3. Do you have social media tools in place for your current readers to share your content?

The absolute best place to start building your list of new readers is to start with your current readers. Your readers who read your content the most are in a position to help you build your list, and are more than happy to do so if you allow them to. The easier and clearer you make this step for them, the more likely they are to share your content with people they associate with. It is also a courtesy of thanks to extend to them, telling them you value their input and their thoughts about who to extend your content to.

Various tools include share buttons and some digital publishing tools, which gives your reader the option to share an article or your whole publication for a limited amount of time at your discretion directly onto their Facebook Wall. With this kind of ease, your readers will not think twice about helping you because they want to.