Don’t Waste Time On Your Flipbook

Don't Waste Time On Your Flipbook

The digital age has brought with it numerous technological advancements which have made it easier for publishers to reach new heights with their content, whether it be targeting new, broader markets, facilitating instant global distribution, or even boosting online revenue with stunning interactive elements. On top of this, digital publishing has also opened up a lot of opportunities to simplify and fast-track your ongoing publishing processes. Here are 7 simple tips to save time when digital publishing:

Look for software that allows you to upload once and publish everywhere.
Realview’s online and app solution makes it incredibly easy for you to distribute your content seamlessly across all devices, browsers, and internet connections, with no need for double handling. You can minimise your downtime when epublishing your content even as apps. Know that at soon as you update content online your apps will automatically update as well. With no need to submit your app updates for review you can ensure your readers can be kept consistently up to date with your latest publishing releases.

Upon submitting your final PDF file, make sure to keep all text within the pages selectable.
Not only will this boost your flipbook’s search engine discoverability, but it will also allow all urls and email addresses to be automatically picked up and hyperlinked, saving you heaps of time on manual post-production linking! Flattening your text into an image (seen commonly with adverts) will prevent the text from being searchable or hyperlinked.

Cut down on both the time and the manual work required to maintain your flipbook by making sure to automate as many tasks as possible.
For publications that maintain a consistent publishing schedule, live times and EDM send-outs can be automated for each issue. ‘Reminder to resubscribe’ emails (emails sent out to subscribers, alerting them of their impending subscription expiry) are another great example of a task that can be automated, allowing you to save time on what would otherwise take manual work to complete.

Consolidate your print and online databases.
If you are an existing print publisher who is now taking the leap into the digital space then you might find it advantageous to combine your print and online databases within one CMS. Why not also offer readers the option to purchase print or bundled subscriptions through your online flipbook, allowing you to collect user information and payments through the same automated process.

Check your Google Analytics tracking account frequently.
This way, you can identify which channels readers are going through to find and engage with your content. By understanding your target markets through their digital trends, you will be able to focus your time and resources on building to platforms that meet their digital requirements.

When publishing your apps, remember that Apple is meticulous in its review process, so you should be too!
Make sure that your app listing details are clear, concise, and accurately depict the full experience of your app. Failing to include relevant information about your app can result in an app rejection, and with a review period of 8 working days on average it is important to get it right the first time, especially when strict publishing deadlines need to be met.

Drastically cut down on the amount of repetitive work that you need to complete by utilising templates.
Use these templates during the design, production, and even marketing stages of your flipbook. If you use desktop publishing programs, such as InDesign, to produce your content then make sure to design a basic template which you can apply to each issue. This will not only help you cut down on the amount of time it takes you to design each issue, but it will also allow you maintain ongoing design consistency. Creating a Contents template will also allow you to streamline your post production tasks for each issue. Instead of filling out your viewer contents panel for each and every issue, use a template to prepopulate the panel. Finally, make sure to create a visually engaging email template that you can use ongoing when contacting your readers.

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