Don’t Create Another Generic Flipbook

Looking to start publishing your content online? Don’t settle for an off-the-rack flipbook—make sure it stands out from the plethora of market contenders. One of the main keys to a successful epublishing strategy is brand awareness, so when getting started, make sure to seek a digital publishing solution that can offer you a flipbook customised with all of your own corporate branding. When you publish with Realview you will be able to make your flipbook your own, by customising premium viewer elements.

Customisable elements

 1-2: Add your company logo to the viewer toolbars and link it off to your website so that you can boost your discoverability and brand awareness.

3: Making sure to maintain a strong and consistent brand identity within your viewer is essential. Complement your logo by adding your corporate colour to other viewer elements, such as hover animations.

4: Customise your viewer skin so that it is compatible with your publication’s design concept.

5. Your viewer background presents endless opportunities for you to visually enhance your flipbook and make it stand out from the page.

6: On a digital publication the zero page sits on the left hand side of the front cover, making it premium advertising space, and something you would otherwise not be able to achieve within a print publication. Since the zero page is html the creative possibilities are endless!

7: One of the benefits of a flipbook directory is that it is published on a webpage, giving you room to place advertising around the flipbook as well as within it. Interactive banner ads (or masthead ads) sit above the viewer, so no matter what page your reader is on they will see it.

Realview helps media and business publishers create, monetize, distribute, and optimize publications for tablet and mobile devices. Keep reading to know more about digital publishing. Here are 10 myths you definietly should know about!