Which Digital Publishing Format Is Right For Your Publication?

More and more publishers are looking at electronic content delivery to address the needs of readers, like us, who have grown to be more comfortable with digital formats. But deciding on a format, whether a digital replica or a more interactive digital edition of a print publication, can be both confusing and challenging. Each format has its own place, carrying distinguishing features for readers experience as well as disparity in the cost of investment.

The best digital versions of print publication today offer the same bells and whistles as the more basic epubs and digital replicas but they can include other enhancements such as mobile capability. These digital versions also give readers a more immersive experience by incorporating expanded or repurposed content, video, audio, animation, and slideshows. This format goes beyond publishers’ advantage by also enabling advertisers to exploit special positions and employ the same rich-media options such as cover wraps, virtual belly bands and more.

So which format is ideal for your publication?

The best digital format for your publication is the one that satisfies your objectives. Rather than jumping in with your precious time and resources, take some time to research, test and analyse all available options.

Consider this infographic by Dorrie Siobhan. We thought this would be helpful in assessing the type of electronic format that will best fit the requirements of your content or publication.

We, at Realview, make sure we’re always in the loop on the ever-changing digital landscape so we can help people like you figure out which format is best for your content. That way, you can focus more on your materials, business and the more important things!

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