Digital Magazine Eats Up Print’s Reader Share, Still Climbing Rapidly

Digital Magazine Eats Up Print's Reader Share, Still Climbing Rapidly

Mequoda released its annual Digital Magazine Market Study earlier this week. Conducted in Q2 2015 and polled 3,642 audience with Internet access, the results show that digital magazine consumption has reached 43% of print magazines’ share and is showing no signs of stopping.

Also exploring online magazines’ functionality, the study notes that readable and scrollable text are features common in native and responsive web versions of digital magazines, which point to a reader preference for those formats. Results show 56 percent of respondents agree that scrollable text is very important, and 79 percent say readable text is as much important.

Only 10 percent of respondents say embedded video is very important and 22 percent say it’s not important.

The handbook also includes strategies such as uncovering hidden assets, targeting different audience segments and using SEO to drive traffic organically.

Written primarily by Mequoda CEO Don Nicholas, the book, which contains case studies from The New Yorker and others, is written for magazine publishers who want to enter into multiplatform publishing.

For the full study, including advice and best practices for digital magazine, click here.

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