How To Detect and Prevent Ad Fraud: A Checklist for Digital Publishers

Recently, we had a post discussing the sobering results of Distil Network‘s survey on how publishers are coping with bad bots and how big of a threat digital ad fraud will be in the next 12 months and more. Today, we equip you with a downloadable chapter extract from FIPP’s Innovation in Magazine Media 2015-2016 World Report.

Thanks to John Wilpers’s feature on what publishers can do to detect and prevent digital fraud, which includes indispensable checklists on ad fraud:

Click to Download chapter extract of FIPP's 2015-2016 World Report on Digital Ad Fraud

  • Six ways it hurts the publishing industry

  • Top 20 victims

  • Companies developing tools to detect and prevent it

  • Types of digital ad fraud

  • Strategies to detect & prevent it

  • Digital ad fraud on mobile

  • A digital ad fraud lexico

  • Defensive and offensive anti-fraud measures

The industry will never be able get rid of fraud outright, I think. But that does not mean nothing can be done. Publishers can secure their digital ad operations by giving enough attention around brand safety, ad viewability and all the aspects of fighting against nonhuman traffic and ad fraud.

Arm yourself with knowledge and information, click the image on this post to view or download the report’s chapter extract on Digital Ad Fraud. And if you want to learn further, you may wish to order  FIPP‘s full report of Innovation in Magazine Media 2015-2016. Take a tour of the innovations that can have the biggest, most immediate impact on the future of magazine media, see more details here.

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