How To Create A Stunning Flipbook For Your Travel Guide

With their beautiful high-quality photos of foreign places, we all dream of one day visiting, travel guides are undoubtedly amongst the most visually engaging publications to read through. So as a publisher, why limit yourself to the immutable print medium when you could be creating a stunning interactive flipbook for your travel guide? The creative possibilities facilitated within the digital space allow you to thoroughly promote that feeling of wanderlust which is so crucial to enhancing reader engagement with your guide. You will consequently be able to drive more traffic to your advertisers’ websites, boosting your online revenue! Below are a few simple suggestions on how you can enrich the content in your travel guide flipbook when publishing online.

Adding advanced interactive features to your flipbook will allow you to increase not only the quantity but the quality of content that you are supplying your audience. Arguably the success of a great travel guide can be attributed to the quality of its vibrant images. However, page layout is always a concern when publishing for print media, so often cuts in the content have to be made. When ePublishing, you do not have to limit yourself to the confines of a printed page. Add in all of those extra hi-res images through the use of an interactive image gallery (a pop up feature that allows you to click through multiple images). Do you have articles that can be supported by MP4 videos? Why not embed these on the page too? Sourcing videos straight from YouTube allows you to streamline this process immensely. Another excellent feature you can incorporate into your flipbook is an interactive Google map overlay, this is a great tool especially for travel guide publications as it gives the reader the freedom and flexibility to engage with your content in their own way.

These elements are just a few of the common interactive features to get you started. Remember that an online flipbook is HTML so the creative possibilities are endless!

While online does allow for a lot of versatility as a digital publishing medium, those who prefer the more traditional print experience can rest assured that the digital space does not completely do away with this. If you are an existing print publisher who wishes to follow the simplest possible transition from print to digital then there is no need to worry about redesigning your current print edition for online. Print-ready pages can be supplied with quick turnaround times. Features such as gatefold pages, and supplementary material in the form of lift outs, forms or fact sheets can all be included within the flipbook.

Revenue for travel guides is generated almost entirely from advertising, so make sure you are doing the most to boost your advertisers’ investment in your publication. Here are a few simple ideas for doing so:

  • Enhance your ads with advanced interactivity.
  • Overlay your ads with moving gif images to make them stand out on the page.
  • Offer up the zero page as a prime advertising space in the magazine.
  • Scrolling banner ads can also be supplied, and will sit just above the pages. Since these are not added to the pages but to the viewer itself it allows the ad to be seen no matter which page a reader is on.
  • Lastly, ensure that all text within the ads is selectable in the PDF before it is finalised. This way any urls or email addresses will be automatically picked up and hyperlinked without you needing to lift a finger!

Know your readers. By simply adding an optional registration form to your flipbook you will be able to collect reader details such as name, contact email address, and other demographical information of your choosing. Not only does this allow you to collect data about your target audience, but it also helps you build a mailing list of users which you can keep posted with future publishing updates.

You may find that you also want to target a demographic dominated by smartphone and tablet users by choosing a platform solution specifically catered to them. While an online solution is excellent for users who like to read their digital editions on a browser, people who are constantly on the go and prefer to consume their content on their smartphone or tablet device may prefer the advanced user experience an app can offer them.

Realview gives you all the tools you need to start creating elegant, interactive publications, which will help you catapult your brand into the digital space. Try these easy tricks yourself! Start publishing your documents for free today.