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How To Create An Incentive That Ensures People Will Share Your Website Content



Now that you have created your Cornerstone Content, you hopefully have a strong call to action on that page that gets people excited about whom you are and what you have to offer. Luckily your options are limitless in terms of the incentives you offer your visitors, but here are a few that we know are a sure-fire way to ensure your visitors will stay longer on your site, and share more from your Cornerstone Content pages.

Link To Your Most Valuable Content Within Your Site

Notice on Derek Halpern’s site,, that he offers a list of his most popular and resourceful blog posts for people to click to on his Cornerstone page, They can go the each post and then come back to that Cornerstone page over and over until they have gone through the whole list. They can also share each post as they read it and leave comments, both of which help raise the popularity of his site on Google.

Create An Online Digital Brochure

Thank You Small Business, a movement that works to provide free resources and support to small business owners, uses their digital brochure powered by Realview Digital as a tool to let visitors see what they have been up to and what the mission of the movement is while letting everyone share the brochure as often as they want:

The results have been that visitors to their site continuously send new people to their site, which they can track through the brochure’s analytics.

Add An Opt-In On Your Cornerstone Pages

Going back to Derek Halpern’s page, you can see that he has added places for visitors to opt-in to his newsletter, so he can build his list while taking care of his clients:

This is an excellent way to keep visitors on your site and generate more sharing by those who want to tell their friends. Making is easy for them to do so and showing them that you appreciate the effort is key to turning visitors into sharing clients.

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