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How To Create Engaging Tablet Ads

tablet_adsTablet advertising is growing at a fast rate like any other type of interactive marketing. And that’s because tablet ads work. A previous research from News UK Commercial has revealed that advertising in the tablet edition delivers the same levels of ‘engagement and memorability’ as the print version. And if the tablet ads have interactive features, the dwell time is even greater than for print, on average.

Creating tablet ads isn’t rocket science, but it’s a medium few publishers and advertisers have yet to figure out completely. This simple rules based on The Economist’s successful digital editions will give fundamental ways in which you can effectively implement ads into your tablet strategy.

Tablet publishing gives readers an enhanced online content experience. This shake-up has already reached publishers’ and businesses’ doors. And it’s high time for you to learn more about the new opportunities brought in by the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices. You don’t have to crawl your way alone, Realview can help!