Coca-Cola UK Site Transforms Into A Stunning Digital Magazine

The Coca-Cola Company replaced its UK site last week with a rich, socially enabled ‘digital magazine‘ to drive business results and share its story with the world.

The digital magazine look focuses on Coke related topics, the company’s social causes and news.  It also features original and curated content by type or topic, all designed to stimulate dialogues among the brand’s fans and followers. The layout and editorial focus are also designed to house corporate content such as press releases, investor information, SEC filings, company reports, executive bios and job postings in a more engaging and functional way.

Originally posted on Netimperative, below is a story detailing more about this move. As brands, like Coke, become publishers, we establish that digital is now an important part of marketing mix for every business. How about you? How are you making sure your business is moving at the pace of your consumers?

Coca-Cola has replaced its corporate UK site with a new ‘digital magazine’ that aims to take the user on a journey through the brand.

The site will still feature standard corporate content such as press releases and company reports, but its layout, design and editorial focus will now more closely resemble a digital magazine.

As a result, the new ‘Coca-Cola journey’ site will have a greater multimedia and storytelling focus in a bid to drive brand engagement by making the site more ‘socially enabled’.

The site features original content designed to tell the story of Coca-Cola as well as cover universal topics and social causes.

It will feature both branded and non-branded content in an “editorial style” and an interactive Q&A section.

“The launch of Journey gives us the opportunity to shift the way we communicate online,” said Stanislas Magniant, digital communications director for Coca-Cola North West Europe.

“Through Journey we want to bring to life the stories about our company, our brands, our employees and our actions around the world. We also want to make our stories more appealing, relevant and engaging to people by using the right multimedia content to bring them to life.”

The drinks giant is also investing in videos and graphics, and will work with a range of journalists, bloggers and writers

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