How Children Fine Tune Learning Skills With Apps

How Children Fine Tune Learning Skills With Apps

There are several ways in which children can gain skills through apps on apple, Droid, and other touch devices. Children learn to synthesize and process information about the app itself, acquiring an understanding of the game or process at hand; they then learn how to apply that information to further proceed in the app. Children also master learning skills within the game itself, such as matching, counting, learning sounds, and amassing new vocabulary words. Furthermore, the interactive nature of most children’s apps, especially storybook-reading apps that let the reader ‘swipe’ or touch the screen to turn the page, allow children to hone interactive and problem-solving skills.

By using well-designed apps, children also learn to shift from the external competition of winning and losing and instead focus on their personal best standards, which imbue them with self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. Apps can broaden children’s expanse of knowledge; for example, there are apps that have fun facts about different countries and prompt the user to touch the screen to learn more about that country. With 80% of the top selling paid apps in the Education category of iTunes targeting children, they can increasingly learn valuable skills through app use.

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