The Best Way To Test Drive Your Digital Publication As An App (Without Having To Pay A Dime!)


features_pdf_conversion-300x158The big question you’ll run into when deciding how to publish your content digitally comes around to apps: do you want to publish your app on IOS devices, Android devices, or both? The right answer depends of course on what your marketing plan is for your content, who your ideal reader is and how you can best reach your ideal reader in the quickest, most efficient and effective way.

Once you have that figured out, however, you will need to make sure you have the chosen the best app developer and/or platform to serve your content. Not every platform or developer is a match for your content in terms of quality, aesthetics and style. In order to make that choice, the best way is of course to test-drive your app before making your commitment.

Many platforms will allow you to test their app product by downloading a test app from the iTunes and Google Play. Of course, if you are looking into a custom built app it’s not possible to test it ahead of time, but using a platform to test it can give you a great idea of how you’d like your custom app to look.

At Realview, we offer all of the above in a streamlined process that lets you test your app from beginning to end before making a commitment.

Here is how it works:

1. Click “Start Your Free Trial” on the upper left corner of our homepage.

2. Upload your content to our Realview Rapid trial, which allows you to create a unique URL for your content in an HTML format.

3. Go to iTunes and Google Play and download our Rapid Test Apps:

4. Insert your unique URL into the test apps and start to use them on your IOS and Android devices.

5. Decide whether to go with the IOS or Android option, or both, and whether you would like to add custom features to them from there. (Our development team can add any custom features you would like, or help you decide the best features to add at any given time.)

Once you have gone through these steps you will have your online version, your apps and the knowledge you need to decide what option to choose from there.

Was this article helpful? Let us know what you think of our Rapid Apps and Free Trial. Start your free trial today, and let us know which apps work best for you in the comments section below!

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