Awesome Examples of Digital Magazine Designs For Your Inspiration


In digital magazine world, consistent design is very important; it not only represents your brand value, but it also engages your readers for a long period of time. While various techniques give a designer plenty of room to get creative, it is ultimately important to remember that every digital magazine needs some degree of consistency from issue-to-issue, in order keep its branding intact.

A digital magazine design should reveal the magazine’s content in a way that makes it stand out from every newsstand. That’s why well-crafted, designs are valued in this industry, but that does not mean new designs won’t be getting any further chance. In fact, more graphic artists and designers are constantly coming up with creative ideas on templates and style. These fresh designs are very important because they open up great opportunities for new ideas and innovations.

We, at Realview, can help you choose which designs would suit your digital magazine. From free friendly advice on creating your own digital publication design; through to complete design, management and deployment of your next digital magazine. Best to contact our digital graphic design group, we will be happy to help as each digital publication project is different and there may be some enhancements and features that suit some more than others.

In the meantime, below you will find a compilation of beautiful and interactive designs taken from the Inspiration Hut‘s article, 51 Beautiful and Interactive Examples of Digital Magazine Design to help inspire your digital magazine or publication. If you have designed or know of a well designed digital publication, please let us know in the comment area as we want to share this to the rest of our digital publishing community.

If you’d like to see more of the layout details of the following as well as the rest of the 51 images, read Inspiration Hut‘s full exhibit here.

TLQ iPad Magazine by Smack Magazine


Place by Ian Westwater 


The Rolling Stone – Germany 


The Square by Samia Kallidis


Art and Culture Magazine by Agata Roszkowska 


Stay Delicious iPad Magazine by Jurij Ternicki


Divide – Arts and Culture Magazine by Jeffrey Huynh


The 99% iPad Magazine by Oscar Ramos Orozco


GQ Magazine by Michael Nolan 



Berliner Schnauze – iPad Magazine