Avoid Digital Subscribers Dropping off through effective communication

Avoid Digital Subscribers Dropping off through effective communication

Don’t be a snob to your subscribers!

It is one thing to make your content available in the ever-expanding digital space, but in order to retain your loyal readers, it is important to know how to take care of digital subscribers and consistently keep them in the loop with your publishing updates.

When you ePublish with Realview, we make it easy for you to accumulate a database and mailing list by offering you the choice to add a registration or subscription feature to your flipbook. While these are two different methods of securing your publication, both will allow you to request certain personal or demographic information from your readers before access is granted.

Once you have accumulated a digital database (either organically with users who have signed up via the online publication, or through a mass user import from an existing print database), you can now use Realview’s outbound email solution to make contact with your readers when a new issue goes live. Realview gives you all the tools you need to create vibrant and engaging branded email templates that can even be customised to include ad space so that you can encourage revenue through this channel.

We also make communicating with your app readership incredibly simple and efficient. Since the app stores keep users who have purchased in-app anonymous, it can normally be difficult to glean user information in order to build up a mailing list. Realview offers two additional app features which help overcome this restriction.

Push Notifications
A great way of keeping your readers engaged with your content, a Realview digital flipbook will allow you to send out push notifications to any device that the app has been installed on, so this feature can be used to notify readers when a new issue is published. It can also be used if you are running promotions or are just looking for a way of reaching out to your readers through a communication medium that is guaranteed to reach its mark.

Registration Form
This feature can be implemented if you are interested in offering free access to your app content upon signup. Your issues will be locked down, requiring a user name and password for access, and users will be required to sign up for free via a link on the app login menu. Users who sign up via the app will automatically have access to the online publication as well. Users who register in-app will be added to your database and mailing list.

If you have a print publication that you want to take digital, but don’t want to leave any of your current subscribers behind, Realview can help! We make it easy for you to enter digital publishing, grow your circulation and create engaging publications for today’s digital subscribers. Contact us or sign up for a free trial, there are absolutely no strings attached!