API: How To Take Care Of Your Digital Subscribers When Converting From Print

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If you have a print publication that you want to take digital, but don’t want to leave any of your current subscribers behind, there are a number of tools you can use to create almost any kind of subscriber experience you can imagine. However, there is one essential tool right at the hub of creating your user experience that once you understand can help you build the exact kind of subscriber experience you want without having to play a guessing game or spend too much to make it happen.

API stands for Application Program Interface, meaning it specifies how various software components need to interact with each other to correspond most effectively. If you have a print publication with a list of loyal subscribers that you host either in-house or though a third party, API will allow you to integrate with your digital publishing platform so you can create options for your current subscribers to login.

API is ideal for publications with a large subscriber base that you need to integrate with your digital version. There are different variations that API can help you achieve, but at the most fundamental level it will help you seamlessly integrate your subscribers with your digital version and give you easy access to your list both on and off line.

Do you have a subscriber base that you have a plan for in your digital version? Let us know what your ideas are in now the comments section below, and we will let you know how to best formulate your plan, regardless of your digital subscriber!

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