The Amusing Reality Of Magazine Designing

This infographic is really old, but if you’re in the magazine industry, you’ll figure why it’s still good. A rollicking good read.

Created by the design team at Bloomberg Businessweek, headed by Rickohard Turley, this Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines reveals everything you didn’t need to know (as Andrew Losowsky puts it) about the reality of magazine designing. But nevertheless, very amusing to know. Whether you’re in the business of print or online magazines, it’s too spot on for you to pass up. It won’t disappoint.

So, here. It’s Friday, have a break! Click the graphic or here for an expandable view of the infographic.


The Reality Of Magazine Designing: Things You Didn't Need To KnowDigital magazine is completely different from reading print media, giving readers an enhanced online content experience. This shake-up has already reached publishers’ doors. And it’s high time for you to learn more about the new opportunities brought in by the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices. You don’t have to crawl your way alone, Realview can help!