Advanced features putting corporates ahead of the pack


Advanced-features-putting-corporates-ahead-of-the-packSmart mobile publishing platforms can not only deliver enhanced multi-channel capabilities, such as embedded video and article sharing at the touch of a button, but advanced security features and benefits. In fact, mobile platforms with embedded and transparent security controls can act as a business enabler, furthering audience trust, readership and loyalty.

Across a range of industries, a secure mobile publishing platform offers corporates another layer of communications possibilities they might not have considered possible before. Adding value through more streamlined operations and integrated recordkeeping, a safe publishing outlet can save corporates a lot of time and money.

As the uptake of mobile as the primary engagement platform increases, there will be greater emphasis on how corporates ensure internal materials are shared and viewed. A 2015 study by ISACA[1] found that that only 23% of corporates believe mobile platforms provide adequate data protection for their organisation. That’s why mobile platforms with enhanced security functions stand out from the rest.

For corporates, broadcasting sensitive content and information cannot run the risk of being jeopardised by the way it’s delivered and shared. A major global professional services firm executive firm said that when the company made the move to digital, opting for the right cutting-edge mobile publishing platform was influenced by its sophisticated data protection. “One publication we had was only needing to be sent to a limited number of people. This was not an issue when it was a printed version only. However, when we decided to move to mobile, we needed enhanced data security too – more than what was available with PDF password protect alone. The platform we chose delivered this, and more.”

Another key benefit of leading intelligent mobile publishing platforms is that they have the ability to translate content into multiple languages and reach global audiences. An Asia-Pacific consulting company director, whose company publishes its annual report in five languages, chose a smart mobile publishing platform because they needed a quicker and easier way of rolling out the project whilst also engaging with their ever-expanding audience.

Given our multilingual publishing requirements, we wanted to review the time we were spending on executing this project with our current translation solution. We thought, why not look at going mobile in the process. We chose a platform that delivered these benefits to our business and our audience.

For many corporates, advertiser CTAs are a highly effective way to unlock new streams of ad revenue. Mobile publications can deliver this in a convenient, all-in-one solution through functions such as click-to-call, click-for-directions and book-now buttons. In the lead-up to releasing its annual special edition company events magazine, a leading Australian financial institution’s marketing manager went looking for an innovative mobile publishing solution that would enhance user experience while delivering greater value to advertisers. “Giving our readers the ability to click on ads to call, get directions and even book tickets direct from the magazine meant we were delivering added value that they, and our sponsors and advertisers, hadn’t previously got from us.”


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[1] ISACA, 2015