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9 Ways A Flipbook Directory Could Save Your Readers From OCD

Want to save your readers from counting, rearranging, or doing other senseless things to reduce anxiety over haylike directories? Weigh up the pros and cons of publishing your directory online. Here are a few benefits for your consideration 

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  1. User-friendly interface. One of the great things about creating an online flipbook for your directory is that the digital medium facilitates an easy automated search. This is an important feature for content-heavy directories, as it will allow you to drastically cut down on the time it would otherwise take to manually search through a print publication.
  2. Simplicity and efficiency. While the digital publishing does open up a realm of creative possibilities for enhancing your publication, it is worth noting that if you are looking to follow the simplest possible transition from print to digital then there is no need to worry about redesigning your current print edition for online. Print-ready pages can be supplied with quick turnaround times.
  3. Portability and ease of accessibility. Creating a flipbook for your directory allows your readers the ease of accessing your content at any time, not only on a desktop computer, but also on a tablet or smartphone device. This is excellent for those of us who are on the go and expect information at our fingertips.
  4. Increase value. Easily add supplementary material through interactive elements like videos, image galleries, Google Map displays, or twitter feeds. Forms or lift-outs can also be added to boost your content and promote a higher level of reader engagement.
  5. Ease of management. When your PDF pages are converted for online all email addresses and urls can be automatically picked up and hyperlinked. This is great news for not only your advertisers but for yourself too as it allows you to completely cut down on any manual work that would otherwise be required to create links to your advertisers’ websites. Since stats for your directory flipbook can be tracked through free online programs, like Google Analytics, it makes it easy for you to provide your advertisers with a comprehensive breakdown of the traffic that you are directing to their websites.
  6. Boost advertising revenue. You can achieve this by taking advantage of the premium interactive features at your disposal. One of the benefits of a flipbook directory is that it is published on a webpage, giving you room to place advertising around the flipbook as well as within it. Interactive banner ads (or masthead ads) sit above the viewer, so no matter what page your reader is on they will see it. Banner ads can be scrolling (.gif) or static images (.jpg/.png) depending on your needs. Zero page advertising is another excellent option that you would otherwise not be able to achieve within your print directory. On a digital publication the zero page sits on the left hand side of the front cover, making it a premium advertising space. Since the zero page is html the creative possibilities are endless!
  7. Save on printing costs and delivery charges. Since your digital directory is circulated online there is no need to take into account any distribution fees which arise when print publishing. If for this reason alone, digital is an excellent medium especially for directories that weigh a ton!
  8. Increase online visibility. Link your directory flipbook straight from your website through the use of dynamic cover image links, or if you are keen to keep your readers from navigating away from your own website why not easily create an iframe for your directory, so it can sit on your page. Also, since your online directory can be shared via email and to a variety of social networking sites this will allow you to promote an increased readership by targeting social circles which may have not otherwise been reached.
  9. Accumulate a larger database or mailing list. When epublishing your flipbook directory online you can choose to have a registration feature set up so you can collect a reader’s contact email and optionally any other demographical information of your choosing. You can also make sure your publishing updates do not go unnoticed by taking advantage of the email functionality to send out reminder notifications to your mailing list when a new directory or update is released.

Flipbooks are extremely useful for sharing, practically, any kind of content. Apart from the realistic appearance, they save time because most of the work simply involves creating orginal PDF document, converting the document, and uploading it to a hosting site.

If you’re an author, publisher or content provider interested in going the flipbook route, let Realview help you create a flipping-page-style publication today. You can opt to convert your existing documents into interactive flipbooks for free!