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5 Proofs That Show Social Media Is Shaping The ePublishing Industry

Social Media is often viewed as a gizmo. It’s an advanced toy that can kill anyone’s precious time quickly. As the ePublishing industry matures, being fun and cute are words not enough to integrate social media into your publication. So, can publishers really leverage on social media?

These 5 findingscited by Digiday‘s Senior Editor, Lucia Moses, shows us the answer:

  1. Three-quarters of sample journalists feel pressure about getting their stories shared on social media.
  2.  In 2014, the eight biggest social referrers drove 29.5% of traffic to publishers’ sites (that’s a double from previous year!).
  3. The sites that are winning on Facebook are digital-native, viral sites, led by The Huffington Post, which had more than 42 million total engagements in December.
  4. The most productive viral site title goes to PlayBuzz, which has mastered the art of lists and quizzes such that each of its 1,145 posts in December averaged more than 21,000 engagements.
  5. Twitter favored news publishers such as The BBC, which was the most-tweeted site in December, with nearly 3.8 million tweets. 

I guess it’s a loud thundering YES! Publishers should make social media a best friend! For more details of this study, read Lucia‘s full article here.