4 Types Of Subscription Approaches Publications Use Today


With so many options for distributing content available to publishers today and the fast pace in which devices are evolving, especially smartphones, figuring out which subscription approach will work on your publication can be daunting.

That’s because every platform has its own distinct user experiences. They all have their pros and cons, and we find that publishers are making good progress in integrating them altogether, developing new digital and print-based products using cross-media publishing technologies and processes.

Simon-Kucher & Partners conducted a study with leading publications from 29 countries to find out the state of digitalization of news and magazines today. Part of it, extracted below, compares and contrast four different subscription approaches that you can use to decide on how you can structure and market your offer portfolios.

1. Cross-media focus
Publications that offer readers the biggest possible selection and that offer individual digital and print subscriptions as crossp-media bundles

2. Digital focus
Publications with a strong digital orientation and that no longer offer the printed newspaper as an individual subscription, but offer diverse digital or cross-media bundles

3. Medium focus
Publications with a strong print focus that also offer digital subscriptions, but not integrated      with print subscriptions into cross-media bundles

4. Print focus
Publications with purely print offers in subscriptions


Based on the study, the cross-media and the digital focus are the most popular among publications worldwide. The study further concludes that the popularity of traditional medium and print approaches only confirms the theory that print is already a discontinued model in some regions of the world.This might be suggesting that if you happen to publish content – it’s high time to go digital if you haven’t yet done so!Read full report of Simon-Kucher: Just how digital are newspapers and magazines today?

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