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4 Easy Steps To Do ePublishing In Facebook

facebook-subscribe-360There are many ways on how to use Facebook for business and increase visibility for your publication and gain a large following of your ideal readers and some are quite simply a matter of encouraging your shares with your current readers and fans.

But trying to dig deeper into how to begin to build your list of subscribers (or you ideal reader) through your Facebook page can prove a challenging technical puzzle to figure out.

Luckily we have a simple, straightforward answer that will help you build your list by targeting your ideal readers and won’t cost you anything (including the cost of Facebook ads) in the process.

Facebook and Your Content

In order to view content on Facebook, meaning a full issue of a publication or specific articles from those issues, you need to house that content within an epublishing app that Facebook supports. Currently, Facebook does not offer an app that holds your content in that way, so the only alternative is to create a landing page that contains a link to your content’s epublishing platform host.

To remedy this hurdle, Realview Digital created the first Digital Publisher’s Facebook App, which allows you to house your content right on your Facebook page and allows your readers to share that content (whether it be your entire issue or single articles) directly onto their Facebook walls.

This opens a door for you as the publisher to begin to build your list with those who want to read your content, fast and efficiently, in four easy steps.

Step 1: Host Your Publication On Realview’s Rapid Platform

Upload your content to the Realview Rapid platform, creating your digital version here.  If you are already hosting with Realview as a Plus or Premium client, you are ready to move to step 2.

Step 2: Tell Us You’re Ready For Your Facebook App

Send us a message here with this title in the subject line: I’m ready for my Facebook App. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to add your app for you.

Step 3: Add The App To Your Facebook Page

Add your app right to your Facebook page and begin letting your readers know they have the chance to view your content in Facebook now!

Step 4: Set Your Goal, And Time It Out

With the Realview Facebook App, you have full control over what content your readers can view how long they can view it for. Set the time limit, and each time your readers share your content with their friends, those friends have to log in with their Facebook account. This ensures they truly want to read your publication, as they are sharing their name and email address with you. You, in turn, can then add them to your list of new potential subscribers.

Adding Value For Your Readers

We believe in adding as much value as we can to our products because we value our clients. We know you value your readers just as much, and what better way to add more valuable readers to your own list than by sharing through Facebook.
It’s about time you leverage on Facebook to grow your subscriber list! Start by building your free app in Realview now!