3 Ways To Move People To Trust Your Brand’s Editorial Content


When digital publishing opened opportunities for a more meaningful relationship with consumers, the media stopped becoming the message. The message became its own media entity, talking directly to consumers across the globe. Brands and organizations began to act like publishing houses and marketers transformed to operate more like editors.

We stopped coveting cognitive awareness where the best we can wish for is that consumers remember our brand name, we now aim for emotional trust in their hearts where they will share our brand with their sphere, marketing for us through word-of-mouth, at a scale.

We all know, that’s not an easy feat. Today’s audience want content that not only provides relevant and accurate information, but something that will touch them and something that helps them make real, significant impact in their life. 

But is this something we’re actually capable of oing? Here are Ted Karczeski‘s 3 tips that can help your editorial content earn the trust of your audience and ultimately, help your brand reach the breaking point of mass consumption.

Your Point of View Is the Most Powerful Tool You Wield

The more a person wavers in his or her story, the more suspect he or she becomes. The same goes for publishers.

Constructing a clear and consistent point of view (POV) and editorial voice is as important as a documented content strategy. You cannot come out and attack an idea one day, only to adopt it the next.

I’m a firm believer that behind every great digital publishing site is one individual pulling the levers and pushing the buttons, and though he or she may not be the editor in chief, he or she is someone who is vocal enough to let his or her ideas be heard.

If you’re running your company’s blog or media site, stick to your gut and point of view. Use it as a guiding light when making tough decisions, as data can only take you so far. If you try to please everyone all the time, your content won’t be worth reading, so pick an angle and go with it.

The more you voice a consistent point of view, the more confident your content will sound to your readers. And confidence always breeds affection, especially in the publishing world.

Fight Sameness with a New Recipe

It’s common practice in marketing to pay close attention to what your competition is doing right and wrong. As a brand publisher, you may become exposed to unoriginal ideas the more you read your competitors’ work.

For example, if you’re a credit card company and you notice your biggest adversary has recently begun to focus on the travel sector, you may be quick to shift editorial gears to produce content for that same market quicker and better in order to try to win some share of voice. That would be decent marketing; it would be worse publishing.

Similar to how you should stick to your point of view, fight the urge to compete rather than create.

Sameness is lethal in digital publishing. It’s everywhere, and people tune it out. Therefore, rethink the process and steps you follow to come up with new content ideas. When you uncover a process that leads to freshness and inject your POV during creation, you’ll ultimately come away with unique writing that builds interest and affirmation with your audience.

Exclusivity Wins Love

We all know that when someone tries to convince us of anything, our first instinct is to object. But if that same person comes back to us with proof, we’re hooked.

As a publisher, you have two core audiences (broadly speaking): first-time visitors and returning visitors. Most of what you create is aimed at new audience members, rarely touching on what you’ve previously discussed using a linear approach. This leaves out the returning visitor, often asking him or her to start from the beginning.

Exclusive offers, from members-only content to original newsletters and discounts, can be a great way to build loyalty with your readers. There’s a lot of talk about content personalization lately, but in many cases, you should start with unique delivery methods first.

Are you customizing the way you deliver and publish content around your subscribers’ habits? Continue to produce for new eyes, but learn to deliver for those whose trust you’ve already earned. It is this population that will continuously grow your business and reach online.

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