3 Quick Tips to Get Your Flipbook into Newsstand


Apart from the minimum requirements needed to submit a flipbook app to iTunes, epublishing your digital publication in the Newsstand requires the following:

  1. Enable your app for Newsstand in iTunes Connect.
  2. Regularly update your content (we recommend at least quarterly).
  3. Make available at least one reoccurring in-app purchase product (which can either be paid or free).

The best thing about epublishing your newspaper or magazine app in Newsstand is that it will also by default appear in the iTunes Store, however it is important to note that while it is easy to publish your app to Newsstand, once it is approved, you cannot disable the Newsstand feature.

Do you have any other tips to get your flipbook into Newsstand? We’d love to hear your success stories in the comments section. You can also choose to learn how to create a flipbook without any technical skills! Try Realview today for free!