2 Simple Ways to Avoid Apple from Rejecting your Flipbook App

The approval process for ePublishing a flipbook app in Apple’s iTunes Store is more involved compared to Google’s Play Store which is why it takes a little longer. Below are some tips which should aid in having your app approved with its first submission, although we do recommend you read the full App Store Review Guidelines.


Suitable graphics

We advise that you do not attempt to appropriate Apple’s creative style or use any part of an Apple image. It is important that you supply more than one screenshot of your publication and ensure they match an issue that is actually in your flipbook app. If your app is secure (requiring a username and password) then it is strongly suggested you do not use your background images as a way of taking a reader outside of the app to purchase a subscription from your website.

Best to keep all graphics and icons simple, clear and relevant!

Get your metadata right

Your app name and description should reflect or be relevant to your publication and under no circumstances is placeholder text allowed. If your app has keywords that are not relevant to your app then Apple may change or delete your keywords so it is strongly suggested you give this some thought. Apps with category selections that are not appropriate for the app content will be rejected and thus result in a significate delay in the epublishing of your app.

For apps featuring in-app purchase (in particular auto-renewable subscriptions), a paragraph stating the frequency of the subscription and price in your native country’s currency is required, along with a brief description stating that the reader needs to opt-out at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period if they do not wish to renew their subscription to your publication. A link to your company’s privacy policy is required for all apps.

Spending some time properly thinking about your app listing before it is submitted for approval will save you time and disappointment. Apple pays attention to the details of your app listing and so should you!

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