2 Easy Ways To Embed Your Flipbook On Your Site

Here are a couple of easy ways that you or your website developer can embed your flipbook on your site:

1. Cover image link

2 Easy Ways To Embed Your Flipbook On Your Site

A linked cover image can be easily embedded on your website with the use of a few lines of HTML code. The code can be automatically generated through your Realview digital publishing portal and since it is HTML it can be customised depending on your needs. A standard cover image link will allow you to display a thumbnail of your latest live issue. When clicked, the reader will be linked directly to your flipbook. Since the cover image will dynamically update when you publish a new issue there is no need to change your code ongoingly. Variations on this code can also be generated, allowing you to embed a static issue-specific cover image (doesn’t update) or even an updating cover image which is offset by X amount of issues.

2. iFrame


An iFrame is an HTML object that allows you to embed flipbook onto your website. Unlike the cover image link, an iFrame can be used if you would prefer your readers not to navigate away from your website in order to read your content. If you are not overly HTML-savvy then there are numerous websites out there that offer free tools allowing you to automatically generate the code for your iFrame. When you iFrame your ePublishing flipbook, all of the viewer’s functionality will be preserved, although you must still keep in mind that iFrames are not guaranteed to be supported across all devices, for example, the iPad or iPhone.

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