12 Easy Ways That You Can Win Over And Retain Digital Subscribers


1. Optimise for smartphones

In this digital age of fast, on-demand content catering towards people who are on the go, making sure your digital flipbook is optimised for smartphone users is crucial to attract and retain digital subscribers. Since Realview’s flipbook within a mobile-friendly layout. For newspapers or other paragraph-heavy publications the Article Extraction mobile viewer is an efficient and highly functional tool which takes smartphone optimisation to the next level by deconstructing your flipbook’s content and displaying it in a clean, easy-to-read format, focusing on plain text and graphical elements.

2. Offer multiplatform access

Readers want to be able to pick and choose platforms for consuming your content that best suit their needs, so when starting out, look for an all-in-one publishing solution as this will allow you to upload your pages once and instantly publish across all platforms— online, apps, and even Facebook. Your content will seamlessly adapt across platforms, making it an incredibly versatile and reliable resource for your readers.

3. Web Accessibility

An important resource for many, ensuring that your flipbook is accessible to all users, especially those with reading or visual disabilities, will help you expand your readership. When you publish with Realview you can include a downloadable PDF version of each of your issues, a file type that is easily compatible with screen-readers. This feature is also great for people who enjoy reading their content in PDF format, as the file can be downloaded and stored within e-reader apps like iBooks.

4. Immediate access

One of the best things about epublishing your content is that readers can subscribe and gain access to your publication instantly.

5. Offer bundled deals

Remember that a diverse publishing model will help you reach and retain the widest possible readership. Readers like having the freedom of choice when it comes to the different modes of content distribution. Instead of offering print or online as mutually exclusive subscription options, why not increase the incentive by offering bundled print and online subscription deals at a reduced rate.

6. Offer offline reading

In this fast-paced digital age, readers want to be able to consume content on the go. This can be easily achieved when you publish apps. Since your publication’s issues can be downloaded and stored locally on a tablet or smartphone device, readers are able to access this content offline at any time. Unlike an online flipbook, the reader will need to download an issue only once and it will remain on their device until deleted.

7. Offer enhanced content

The digital space opens up a wealth of opportunity to enhance your content with interactive multimedia elements, unprecedented in print. Enriching the content in your publication through interactivity is so simple and easy and will help you promote a heightened reader experience. 

8. Offer archive access

Unlike with print, the digital space makes it incredibly easy for you to host and organise your entire archive of back issues, and with no delivery costs or delays, readers can easily obtain a wealth of information at their fingertips.

9. Auto-renewing subscriptions

When you publish apps for the iTunes and Google Play app stores you can also choose to include auto-renewing in-app subscriptions. These are a great feature for encouraging sales and retaining existing subscribers since it relies on the principle that instead of opting in to renew, users have to opt out pre-emptively to cancel their renewal.

10. Low cost promotions

Sometimes readers need a little extra incentive before committing to a digital subscription, so why not offer the chance to sample your content for free. When you publish online with Realview we can offer you all the tools you need to regulate either a free trial period or even a sample issue.

11. Keep subscribers in the loop

Make sure your readers are notified of your publishing updates by easily sending out reminder emails to your database. Push notifications are another important communication means if you publish to apps. . It can also be used if you are running promotions or are just looking for a way of reaching out to your readers through a communication medium which is guaranteed to reach its mark.

12. Real-time content

All content and features will update automatically once you go live. The immediacy afforded by the digital space allows digital subscribers to avoid lengthy delivery times and charges. It also allows you to expand your readership to areas which may never have otherwise been reached. This is especially important for frequently updated publications, such as daily newspapers—readers can anticipate your updates on time every day, and since they can be notified of these updates via email there is less chance of reader drop offs.

Trusted by publishers worldwide, Realview can offer you all of the tips, tricks, and tools needed to successfully catapult your brand into the digital space.Start creating vibrant, engaging publications for today’s digital subscribers. Try digital publishing with Realview, for free!