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Bring your digital catalogs to life

Bring your online catalogues to life by utilising the true power of the web with the Realview digital catalogue software. By making your catalogs stunning and interactive, you will more actively engage with your customer to give them a fun and interesting true to life buying experience. Your online catalogue will make it easy for readers to click-through and make positive buying decisions. Maximise your online sales with a powerful digital publishing platform allowing you to publish your electronic catalogue once for access on multiple devices including iPad, tablets, laptops and Android devices.

Digital catalogs link to products

Direct links to buying pages

Realview’s interactive catalogue software allows you to connect a variety of engaging features such as call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks, shopping carts and photo galleries that will take your readers directly to your buying pages or load their chosen product directly into their e-shopping cart. The flexible software integration capabilities available with the Realview Digital Publishing Service allows easy click-to-buy functions to make it as easy as possible for your customers to make their purchase.



Measure digital catalogs with analytics

Measurable outcomes

Get the most from your digital catalogue with measurable statistics customised to suit your specific needs. Record click throughs, open rates, what specific products or items were looked at and by whom, and specific purchase (or non-purchase) decisions with the robust, rapid, flexible and dynamic digital catalog service available from Realview.





Publish with HTML and apps

Sales leads directly into Salesforce

You want to know when potential customers show interest in your products. This is often difficult when customers are remotely browsing online product brochures. The Realview online publishing platform allows you to track and capture client interest directly from your online brochures, straight into your CMS such as Salesforce, for immediate action by your sales team.

Enhance your digital marketing with the automatic lead implementation capability offered by the Realview Online Publishing platform, and significantly increase your return on investment in online corporate brochures, digital catalogues and e-marketing.




Any device with a browser


Automatically hyperlink thousands of product codes

Automatic hyper-linking of part numbers or product codes will enable your customers to easily find more information on the areas that are important to them. Whether you are publishing a digital product catalogue, online brochure or parts catalog, you can easily hyper-link back to product pages, websites or dynamically add orders directly to your shopping cart. Additional interactive features such as call-out boxes, embedded video and photo galleries are also easily incorporated to give your online catalogue real interest and encourage your buyers to act.