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Digital Publishing Products

The Realview digital publishing solution is a collection of digital publishing products and services delivered from the cloud designed to give your digital publication maximum impact through global distribution on all major platforms. Why restrict your readers to a single device or tablet? With the Realview digital publishing products you don’t have to. Publish to browser, tablet and smartphones as HTML5 and to native apps, all from the one platform.

Online HTML5

realview product overview laptop on the greenThe Realview core viewer architecture runs seamlessly on all browsers across desktop, laptop, iPad, Android and smartphones giving you maximum reach for your readers whilst providing a consistent viewing experience. The Realview Digital Publishing products are continually updated and improved to ensure device and browser compatibility with the plethora of new and upgraded devices constantly entering the market. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues as all is managed automatically by the Realview digital publishing system.

iOS and Android Apps

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Using the same digital assets as your online HTML5 viewer, the Realview digital publishing apps allow your readers to get the same engaging experience downloaded to their favourite device. The unique delivery system enables your readers to start reading your digital publication after just the first few pages are downloaded, and the rest of the publication downloads in the background. Videos and image galleries are saved on the device for offline viewing and the apps integrate into all of our systems including subscriptions.

Our apps work on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android smartphone and adjust the menu and information systems depending on screen size to optimise the operation across devices of different sizes.

As soon as your digital publication is online, it is ready for the app stores.


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Let your readers decide how they consume your content and get the Realview Digital Publishing Bundle. From a single PDF upload you can publish online, tablet, smartphone with HTML and seamlessly offer an iPad app, iPhone app, Android tablet App and an Android smartphone app. Our bundles are extremely cost effective and can save you a lot of time and money by cross publishing on seven platforms at once.