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Convert your PDF into a flipbook in minutes

Create your own stunning flipbook from a PDF in just minutes with our online flipbook publishing service. Using Realview’s intuitive online digital publishing software you can transform your print publications into online flipbooks. Your publication will look beautiful on any device with a browser including desktops, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Android smartphones.

Realview is an online publishing software as a service (SAAS) which means your publications live in the cloud and get updated automatically to support all of the new devices being released every month. You never have to worry about installing software, bug fixes or re-converting your publications as technologies change, Realview takes care of that for you. And because your flipbook lives in the cloud, it is delivered all around the world blazingly fast on our content distribution network (CDN).

Realview Premium Suite

Enhance your flipbook with multimedia

A flipbook of your brochure, magazine, corporate report or catalog will really engage your audience with video, image galleries, maps, popups and call to actions. The Realview digital publishing solution makes it simple to add multimedia content from a variety of sources that will be sure to delight and inspire your readers.

Read our stunning ‘The Realview of Australia’ to see some great multimedia examples in action.

When you add multimedia to your flipbook, Realview takes care of the storage and delivery, ensuring your multimedia renders correctly on each device, providing a seamless and consistent viewing experience no matter how your readers are consuming your content.

flipbooks on all devices

Your flipbooks are viewable on any device

The same rich pages that are available on desktop are also available on your tablet and mobile phone. Swipe, pinch zoom and auto-rotation are standard functionality with all the interactivity available at the touch of a button.

The Realview solution does not use flash, so your readers get the same beautiful reading experience not matter what device they are reading on. In fact, almost all of our publishers choose to use our sliding viewer rather than a flip viewer. Realview takes into account the different ways people are consuming media today on different devices, and provides consumers with an consistent experience acknowledging the range of devices they are using – a sliding page rather than a flipping page.

PDF to HTML flipbook

How does creating a flipbook work?

If you have a high resolution pdf of your magazine, brochure or newspaper, it is a simple process to convert this PDF to flipbook format. The Realview publishing platform is able to process your print ready PDF documents directly to an interactive online environment, there is no need to pre-process or modify your PDF documents (no extra work) prior to uploading them. All you need to do is create a free account and start uploading.

During the conversion process, Realview can chop, trim, rotate and split your PDF if needed and automatically pickup email and web addresses and page jumps as part of the process. Even really large, high resolution pages are converted into stunning yet efficient web sized pages for optimal delivery to any device so there is no need to compress your PDF or remove trim / crop marks when using the Realview publishing system.

Once the automatic conversion is complete, you use our web based publishing portal to add any interactivity, and when you are finished we give you the code to embed onto your website, or to share via social media.

flipbook tracking and analytics

Track your flipbook usage with comprehensive analytics

A flipbook created with Realview is tracked in several ways, but the easiest and most comprehensive is through Google Analytics. By simply entering your Google analytics UA code, all reader behavior is recorded so you can see exactly how your readers are interacting with your flipbook. All of the basics such as hits, visits and time spent are recorded, but Realview takes the analytics a step further, recording things such as:

  • Page turns
  • Page zooms
  • Which hyperlinks were clicked
  • Each time the back issues, all pages, help or a share buttons is pressed
  • Search terms readers are entering
  • Which pages are being printed

As well as all of this, every interaction with multimedia elements is recorded with a unique identifier, which means you can see how many times a video was played, or image gallery was viewed.

build a database of users

Build a database and market to your readers

If you want to sell your flipbook, Realview’s comprehensive subscription system can help you sell individual issues or yearly subscriptions, the choice is yours.

Alternatively, Realview registration provides a gating facility for free content, that can be used to capture valuable and informative data about your readers for real business opportunity. You can choose what fields to collect or simply collect an email address, and the entire process of including the presentation of the form through to the thank you email can be completely customized to your look and feel. You are free to use the Realview database to store reader information, or the collected data can go straight into a CRM such as Salesforce for immediate action.

As you build your database you can market to your readers at anytime using the built-in email system.

10 reasons to create a flipbook using Realview

There are many reasons for you to publish your flipbook with Realview, but here are our top ten reasons. If you need more, take a look at some stunning examples further down the page.

  1. Beautiful HTML flipbooks on any device, no flash
  2. Publish for free, no ads
  3. Easily enhance with video, image galleries and more
  4. Delivered instantly around the world on a content distribution network
  5. Easy to share and distribute through social media
  6. Gain insight into reader habits by tracking reader behavior
  7. Search an issue or your entire flipbook collection
  8. Create an app from your flipbook
  9. Collect registration information or sell securely with subscription
  10. Upload your print ready PDF – no pre-processing needed

Gorgeous flipbook examples

Here are just a few of our favorite flipbooks from the thousands Realview has produced over the last 15 years.

  • Ocean Magazine

    Ocean Magazine

  • The New Yorker

    The New Yorker

  • Fad Quarterly

    Fad Quarterly

  • Coles Magazine

    Coles Magazine

  • LG Manager

    LG Manager

  • GP Week

    GP Week Magazine

  • Get Growing

    Get Growing

  • Planner’s Guide

    Planners Guide

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