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Maximise The Power Of Facebook In Your Online Marketing

The advanced social media capabilities available through the Realview digital publishing platform allow you to fully utilize the power of Facebook with the Realview Facebook application. How would you like to reach hundreds, or even thousands of potential subscribers and marketers with your brand? What if that database was able to build and grow itself from you’re your current subscribers? The Realview Facebook Application lets you take advantage of the real power of Facebook to extend your reach and grow your subscriber base.

The Realview Facebook Application empowers your reader to make the choice of device, and method of access ensuring the greatest reach via social sharing including:

  • Online as HTML – not flash – absolutely no downloads needed
  • iPad and Android tablets as a web application
  • Smart phones using HTML 5 (as rich pages or as text and image based articles)
  • Native iPad application
  • Native Android application.

The Realview Facebook application allows you to share to Facebook from any viewer (including native applications). Once friends access the Facebook application, all social sharing options are a single click away and you as the publisher get immediate access to friends information such as Name, email, gender, DOB. Invaluable information and unlimited capacity from the Realview Facebook magazine service.

Click here to download the Realview article on “How to get more subscribers for your digital publication from Facebook”.