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Deliver Sensational Online Marketing Campaigns

Take your clients brand to new levels of excitement and online customer engagement with the Realview digital publishing solution as your perfectly flexible and robust online publication delivery mechanism. With Realview’s powerful online publishing software, you can make online brochures, digital newsletters and online catalogues come to life. Easily create dynamic and interactive micro-sites with Realview’s advanced digital publishing software. Enable exciting interactive options such as call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks and photo galleries and combine these with stunning digital imagery to give your client brochures, electronic magazines and electronic catalogues a powerful online punch. For rapid deployment and true multi-platform/cross-platform application, choose Realview.

Rapid, Robust and Flexible

The easy to use “launch once and view anywhere” digital publishing platform available from Realview, will not only deliver great looking online brochures and online catalogs fast, but allows you to create true interactive digital publications that connect your client’s customers through multiple pathways such as Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, websites and other social media. With Realview online publications, your client will maximise their investment in online marketing for real return and a true online point of difference. White label / White box options allow you to customise your Realview environment with your corporate identity to give your clients a more cohesive online digital publishing experience completely delivered by your agency, while utilising the best online publishing technology available.

Capture Customer Target Leads

It’s vital that your customers can easily capture real leads and opportunities for maximum opportunity. With Realview, leads can be directly loaded to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software including Salesforce for instant delivery to the sales team. Rapid delivery, awesome imagery, publish once and view anywhere, plus interact with social media and online mediums, all from one proven, robust and scalable platform. Deliver your client’s next online marketing campaign using Realview technology and measure the difference!