Staff Communication

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Secure Staff Communication Delivered Real Fast

Get the most from your online staff communications with the fast “publish once, read by many” platform available from the Realview digital publishing platform. Staff will be able to read your company report, annual report and other internal company communications on any platform including iPad, Android devices and tablets. The advanced functionality available with the Realview online publishing system means that you can setup advanced tracking and statistical measurement to know exactly where your staff communication went, who opened each publication (and who didn’t), who read articles and more. Fantastic for sending out important information such as occupational health and safety messages to your staff and then confidently tracking if this important corporate information was actually read.

The Realview online publishing software will securely deliver your online publication safely and rapidly across your intranet or extranet while utilising one of the world’s leading robust subscription systems offering everything from single logins through to enterprise subscriptions allowing flexible management of your online publication. For a truly secure, robust, rapid and flexible online publication service to improve your staff communications, make it Realview.