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Create Your Digital Publication Once, Publish Everywhere

Cost Effective Digital Publishing Solutions

By leveraging the dynamic interactivity of the web with the flexibility of HTML 5, Realview have managed to create a true single platform online publishing solution enabling the rapid delivery of high-quality digital publications across multiple systems including desktops, iPads, tablets and Android devices. By rolling the best of online magazine publishing, iPad publishing and digital newspaper publishing all into one dynamic digital publishing service, Realview have not only simplified the online publishing process, but have enabled new and previously impossible levels of online experience to become a reality.

Engage Your Reader Like Never Before

Not only will your digital publications be interactive and engaging with call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks, photo galleries and more, you’ll also be able to create true interactive digital publications that connect your readers using Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, Facebook applications, iPad applications and Android applications and other social media options. Whether you are delivering a digital magazine replication or an online only publication, the robust Realview platform only requires you to launch your online publication once, to automatically deliver the same experience on any number of devices. From iPad to Tablet, your users will engage and interact like never before.

Subscription Options, Measurable Results

The dynamic Realview Digital publishing software provides one of the world’s best and most flexible subscription systems supporting single logins, group logins, enterprise subscriptions, library and university solutions, member subscriptions and online registration. Track clicks, measure performance and register outcomes for real Return On Investment with a true multi-platform digital publishing service.

With Realview, what you can do with your online magazine is only limited by your imagination. Make it happen, make it Realview.