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Secure, Robust and Flexible Corporate Communications

The proven Realview digital publishing platform has been delivering high quality online communications for over 14 years having delivered online publications for some of the world’s largest companies. As true innovators in the digital publishing sphere, Realview continue to lead the world in completely integrated online publishing solutions that not only deliver stunning imagery, but offer a true “publish once and view anywhere” platform that enables employees and shareholders to view client newsletters, annual reports and other company reports on any platform including iPad, Android devices and tablets.

Utilise The Power Of The Web

Realview are a full service digital publishing provider. This means they give you all the support and assistance you need for simply stunning online brochures, online catalogues and company information. Not only will their team assist you through every step of the process, their easy to use online publishing software can make your staff and shareholder communications, annual reports and company brochures more engaging and more readable. Interactive options such as call-out boxes, embedded video, hyperlinks and photo galleries, combined with stunning digital imagery will engage your customers, staff and shareholders to get your online message delivered to a wider and more attentive audience. Engage your readers with social media such as Facebook and Twitter or connect them to your website for a complete communications outcome.

Measurable Results, Secured Delivery

Get the most from your online customer and staff communications with effective and useful access data. A wide range of measurable statistics are available depending on your specific needs including click throughs, open rates, sections and pages read, time spent on specific areas of your online publication and more. For secured options, the Realview online publishing software will deliver your online publication safely and rapidly across your intranet or extranet while offering one of the world’s leading subscription systems offering everything from single logins through to enterprise subscriptions for flexible management of your online publication. For a truly secure, robust, rapid and flexible online publication service that can take your corporate communications to new levels of engagement, make it Realview.